Why paid service?

Why should I pay for the phone when I can use Skype on my computer?

Yes, it is possible to compare it to software like Skype or ICQ. The principle is similar, but the basic difference is in having public JStel telephone number. You can call with Skype only through your computer, with JStel you can call from everywhere and everyone can reach you.

In addition, you are using a comfortable modern phone with many functions (eg JStel Phone) that transmits high quality sound without interference. You do not sit in front of computer, look for the microphone and headphones and then manipulate them hard to get rid of annoying whistling. You can manipulate the phone easily and enjoy your call from your bed or bathroom. Conversely hours of free calls can be enjoyed in bed or in the bathtub. The price you pay is only for the equipment, you do not pay any other fees.

Another advantage of IP calls is that it can be used also by members of your family who like to talk for a long time and do not know how to use Skype and prefer privacy. Also, in case of IP calls it is difficult for the companies to use Skype.


New bank account for recharge credits and payments for invoices of J.S.Tel s.r.o.:

account: 7329419001 / 5500 , Raiffeisen Bank.

Tarrifs and prices


You can find current prices of calls and additional services here.