Why choose VoIP calls?

IP telephony is the price revolution within wired phones.

Calling from IP phone is as confortable as calling from landline. You will have cheaper calls in Czech Republic and also when calling abroad. It is available for both households and companies.

What is IP Telephony and why is it so cheap?

IP stands for IP protocol used in the Internet connection.Using the principles of Internet managed by IP protocol allows much more efficient use than wired connections. This means that you could use classic wired phone line connection only for one call, but now you can make more calls at once through this line, (thanks to partition of packets) including all the features of your computer. That is why the price for IP calls is significantly lower, while the quality remains the same. IP telephony is used for its advantages by major providers of 'wired' phone connection, without letting know their customers. And why should they tell anybody, when it can still earn well? 


New bank account for recharge credits and payments for invoices of J.S.Tel s.r.o.:

account: 7329419001 / 5500 , Raiffeisen Bank.

Tarrifs and prices


You can find current prices of calls and additional services here.