Long calls abroad without unreasonable expense

Advantages of IP calls abroad are probably the most distinctive. Who would have thought a few years ago, that it would be possible to talk for hours with a friend from one continent to another and not spend a penny.

When you call your family and friends regularly abroad and you still do not have an IP phone? We do not want to you to be dissapointed when you find out how much you spent for the calls. We'll fix your mood with our JStel service.

  1. Choose from our packages Voinet JStel or Phone Box and with Voinet phone number you get the price from 0.79 CZK / min. around the world. Choose an extra 5 foreign destinations where you call most often, and we will give you a 25% discount on calls to these countries.
  2. Do you often call on fixed or mobile number abroad and you want it to be as cheap as possible? This solution offers two advantages of the JStel services. One guarantees very low rates for calls to fixed and mobile networks abroad. The second option is to set a redirect from JStel number to any other number.


New bank account for recharge credits and payments for invoices of J.S.Tel s.r.o.:

account: 7329419001 / 5500 , Raiffeisen Bank.

Tarrifs and prices


You can find current prices of calls and additional services here.